The conservation and restoration of your artwork is carried out in the most professional approach possible. We are committed to the application of the highest principles and standards in the field of conservation and restoration of fine arts. These include canvas paintings, panel paintings, paintings on copper, wall paintings such as oil on stone murals, marouflage paintings, lime paintings and frescoes, as well as polychrome sculptures and gilded artifacts.


Each artwork is thoroughly studied and examined using scientific means and thus treated according to its specific needs, using appropriate and specific conservation-grade materials and procedures. This ensures that we preserve the integrity of the item along with evidence of its history and manufacture, whilst documenting all stages of our conservation and restoration interventions.

Through our profession we allow present and future generations to appreciate and enjoy the numerous artworks, both of national and international importance, that have been entrusted to Amy Sciberras Restoration and Conservation of Fine Arts for their care and conservation.