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Salvaged from wreck: The Conservation & Restoration of an Allegorical Canvas Painting attributed to Francesco Zahra, embellishing the ceiling of the Chapel of Saint Calcedonius, Casa Manresa, (The Archbishop's Curia) - Floriana 

The ceiling canvas painting attributed to Zahra and representing an Allegory of the Order, was found in storage, to where it had been moved a number of decades back to arrest its deterioration. Unfortunately, at the start of the present project, the painting was found in an appalling state, close to being completely lost. Amy Sciberras and her team were entrusted with this arduous conservation and restoration project. 

With special thanks to His Grace The Archbishop Mgr Charles J. Scicluna, and Mr Michael Pace Ross, Administrative Secretary, for entrusting us with this prestigious project, to Mr. Manuel Ciantar and Ms. Suzanne Ciantar Ferrito for the professional photography and Mr. Michael Formosa for the manufacturing of a new stretcher frame. This project was made possible with the support of APS Bank plc. 

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