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The Conservation and Restoration of the Dome of the Chapel within Piano Nobile, Metropolitan Cathedral Museum, Mdina.

The Rococo painted decorative scheme which decorated the dome of the Chapel within the Metropolitan Cathedral Museum in Mdina during the eighteenth century, had been hidden from sight by two thick layers of overpaint which had been applied to the dome’s paintings in past years.

Nonetheless these eighteenth century painted decorations have been painstakingly uncovered and conserved-restored by Amy Sciberras Conservation & Restoration of Fine Arts.

Special thanks to Fenech & Fenech Advocates – Malta who have sponsored this restoration project, to Ballut Blocks Ltd who have provided the cap-lock scaffolding, to Heritage Malta for their kind support, and of course the Mdina Metropolitan Chapter for entrusting Amy Sciberras Conservation & Restoration of Fine Arts, with this outstanding project.

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